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Professional Hygiene Vinyl Clear Powder Free Gloves

Product Code: ESS_VCPF
Professional Hygiene Vinyl Clear Powder Free Gloves
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Non-sterile Powder Free Vinyl Disposable Glove ( Ultra Weight)

Colour - Clear

Vinyl - Powder free

Ambidextrous, palm textured, beaded cuff . 

Case Quantity - 10 packs of 100

Pallet Quantity - 90 cases 

Product Information

Disposable vinyl exam gloves are a good alternative for people with latex allergies. In some cases, they are a superior option. Vinyl gloves are ideal because they are latex-free and usually the cheapest. They offer a variety of protective features when handling non-hazardous materials. This makes them an excellent option in the food and beverage industry. They are also a common choice in many household and commercial applications that require routine donning and removal. This includes professions such as hairstyling, house cleaning, assisted living work, washing, maintenance, and food preparation. Besides being highly affordable, they are great for low-risk tasks for a short period of time. They are suitable for use as a protective barrier against detergents, dyes, and low-risk bodily fluids.
  • Colour: CLEAR
  • Material: VINYL